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● Single beam wavelength scanning in whole wavelength range of 320~1100nm.

● Five options for spectral bandwidth selection: 5nm, 4nm, 2nm, 1nm, and 0.5nm, made according to customer’s need and satisfy the requirements of pharmacopoeia.

● Standard manual 4-cell holder accommodates cells from 5-50mm and changeable to long path length cell holder of 100mm.

● Optional accessories such as peristaltic pump automatic sampler, water constant temperature sample holder, peltier temperature control sample holder, single slot test tube sample holder, film sample holder.

● Optimized optics and electronics design, light source and detector from the world famous manufacturer ensure high performance and reliability.

● Rich measurement methods: wavelength scan, time scan, multi-wavelength determination, multi-order derivative determination, double-wavelength method and triple-wavelength method etc., meet different measurement requirement.

● Data output can be obtained via a printer port.

● Parameters and data can be saved in case of power failure for user’s convenience.

● PC controlled measurement can be achieved USB port for more accurate and flexible requirements.


Wavelength Range 320-1100nm
Spectral Bandwidth 2nm (5nm, 4nm, 1nm,0.5nm optional)
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.5nm
Wavelength Reproducibility ≤0.2nm
Monochromator Single beam, plane grating of 1200L/mm
Photometric Accuracy ±0.3%T (0-100%T)
Photometric Reproducibility ≤0.2%T
Photometric Range -0.301~2A
Working Mode T, A , C, E
Stray Light ≤0.1%T(NaI 220nm, NaNO2 360nm)
Baseline Flatness ±0.003A
Stability ≤0.002A/h (at 500nm, after warming up)
Light Source Tungsten halogen lamp
Detector Silicon photodiode
Display 7 inches colorful touch screen
Power AC: 90-250V, 50V/60Hz
Dimensions 470mm×325mm×220mm
Weight 8kg

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