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OILA-I Oil Emission Spectrometer is as a proven means of  precisely determining elemental composition of  wear metals, pollutants and additives in lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, heavy fuels, coolant and electrolyte. It is used as both a quality control tool and machine health monitor.

Oil Emission Spectrometer, also known as the rotating disc Electrode Atomic emission spectrometer (RDE-AES), is a standard analytical instrument for oil element detection recognized in the global market.

It is specially used to accurately quantify the composition of trace elements in various industrial oils and liquids.

OILA-I provides simultaneous multi-element analysis in tens of seconds without using gases and cooling water.

It is an effective tool for preventive maintenance of equipment.

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Monitor the wear condition of equipment and the pollution and  aging condition of lubricating oil

·Industrial Oil Monitoring

Process preparation and monitoring of derivative or pollutant concentration in fuel oil

·Quality Control of Lubricants, Fuels and Electrolytes

Monitor the element concentration in the cooling system antifreeze

·Cooling System Monitoring

Measuring power plant cooling water and turbine wash water provides unique system condition insights and ensure compliant disposal or reuse

·Industrial Water Monitoring


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·Fast and Easy to Operate 

- No sample preparation required without the sample dilution or preheating required by other technologies

-No gases and cooling water required

-Tens of seconds analysis time

-Minimal training/background required to operate -No highly skilled or trained users are required

·Stable and Reliable Structure 

-Classical Pashen-Rungel optical path structure

- High precision multi-CMOS acquisition system

- Full spectrum measurement while ensuring good resolution and accuracy

-Overall structural light chamber and seismic system design to ensure stability

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·Human Safety Protection Design 

- Humanized excitation chamber design, more convenient sample replacement.

- Excitation chamber door safety interlock, electromagnetic shield design, to protect the safety of users.


Intelligent Oil Analysis and Diagnosis Platform

- Integrating oil data trend tracking analysis and oil condition automatic diagnosis function;

- Multi-peak separation computing ability, a variety of  digital filtering algorithm modules and adaptive background function;

- Real-time calibration, interference correction, element identification And measurement, trend analysis and diagnosis, historical tracing;

- Analysis software platform specially tailored for oil detection.

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Electric Power


Gear box, bearing, Analysis  of copper and iron content in

insulating oil

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Petrochemical Industry 


Equipment asset management,

Product quality control

Cooling water discharge detection

Electrolyte and electrolysis process


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Engine, hydraulic,

compressor systems,

Bearing   monitoring,

fuel  element  monitoring

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Engine set.
Generating set
Hydraulic system,
Cranes,  etc.

Wear warning,
Seawater pollution


Third Party Laboratory


Oil sample testing




Turbine/turbofan engine,

Hydraulic landing gear system,

Wear monitoring and warning

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Locomotive Railway


Gear box,
The transmission
Power systems, etc.,

Wear monitoring and warning,
Oil product testing

conforming standard

ASTM D6595   Standard test method for determination of wear metals and contaminants in used lubricating oils or used hydraulic fluids by rotating disc electrode atomic emission spectrometry

ASTM D6728   Standard test method for determination of contaminants in gas turbine and diesel engine fuel by RDE-AES

NB/SH/T  0865-2013  Determination of  wear metals and contaminants in used  lubricating oils    RDE-AES —— Petrochemistry

SN/T 1652-2005   Method for determination of contaminants in Import and export gas turbine and diesel engine fuel  RDE-AES -— CIQ

HB 2009 4.1-2012  Determination of  wear metals in aviation working fluid Part  1:RDE-AES  —— Aerospace

DL/T 1550-2016 Determination of metallic copper and iron content in mineral insulating oils RDE-AES —— Power Industry

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Sample type Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil, grease, antifreeze, cooling water, electrolyte, etc
Analytical Element A1,Ba,B,Ca,Cr,Cu,Fe,Pb,Mg,Mn,Mo,Ni,K,Na,Si,Ag,Sn,Ti,V,Zn,etc (extensible)
Optical System Working Parameter
Optical Structure Pashen-Runge1 Operating Temperature -10℃~40℃
Spectral Region 201nm-810nm Storage Temperature -40℃~65℃
Focal Length 400mm Operating Humidity 0-95%RH, condensation free
Detector Highly sensitive CMOS array Injection Volume ≤2ml
Temperature Control Thermally stabilized;  37℃±0.1℃(adjustable) Injection Mode Rotating disc electrode
Power Source Consumable
Voltage Input 220V/50Hz Top Electrode Spectral pure graphite rod electrode
Power Consumption ≤500W Bottom Electrode Spectral pure graphite disc electrode
Output type AC arc Sample Cup High temperature oil cup


Standard Sample
Dimensions(mm³) 500(W)×720(H)×730(D) Standard Oil 0#,10#,50#,100#,…
Weight About 82kg Standard Solution 1000ppm,…

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