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High Quality High Efficiency WQF-530A FTIR Spectrometer

Short Description:

  • High sensitivity and stability
  • Intelligent real-time monitoring of instrument status
  • Multiple communication
  • Flexible and convenient testing
  • Powerful software workstation

Product Detail

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Real-time diagnosis of instrument status
real-time monitoring of instrument working status, performance, and communication status.

Multiples detector options
Besides conventional normal temperature pyroelectric detectors, temperature-stabilized pyroelectric detectors and semiconductor refrigeration MCT detectors can also be selected to meet the needs of different customers.

“Wire + Wireless” multi-communication mode
Adopting Ethernet and WIFI dual-mode communication to adapt the development trend of "Internet + testing" instruments. Building a basic platform for users to conduct interconnection testing, remote operation and maintenance, data cloud computing, etc.

“Wire + Wireless” multi-communication mode
With the large sample chamber design, besides the conventional liquid pool, ATR and other commercially available conventional accessories, it can also be equipped with special accessories such as thermal red combination, microscope, etc. At the same time, it also reserves space for users to choose new accessories.



High Sensitivity Optical System
Cube-corner Michelson interferometer combined with patented fixing mirror alignment technology (Utility model ZL 2013 20099730.2: fixing mirror alignment assembly) , to ensure long term stability, without the need of dynamic alignment which needs extra complicated electronic circuits. Reflecting mirrors are coated with gold to provide the maximum light throughput and ensure the detection sensitivity.

High stability modular partition design
Compact structure modular design with layout on cast aluminum base and overall balance of mechanical robustness and partition heat dissipation, offering higher ability of deformation resistance and less sensitive to vibrations and thermal variations, greatly improves the mechanical stability and long-term working stability of the instrument.

Intelligent multi-sealed moisture-proof design
Multiple sealed interferometers, large-capacity desiccant cartridge with visible window and easy replacement structure, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity inside the interferometer, getting rid of influences of high temperature, high humidity, and chemical corrosions to the optical system in many ways.

Innovated integration electronic system
High sensitivity pyroelectric detector pre-amplifier technology, dynamic gain amplification technology, high precision 24-bit A/D conversion technology, real-time control and data processing technology, digital filter, and network communication technology, ensuring high quality real-time data collection and high-speed transmission.

Good anti-electromagnetic interference capability
The electronic system is designed to meet CE certification and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, minimizing electromagnetic radiation in design and technology, in line with green instrument designing concept.

High intensity IR source assembly
High intensity, long lifetime IR source module, with the highest energy distributed in fingerprint region, adopts a reflex sphere design to obtain even and stable IR radiation. External isolated IR source module and large space heat dissipation chamber design provide higher thermal stability and stable optical interference.



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