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The first overseas Exhibition of Beifen-Ruili in 2017!

The first overseas Exhibition of Beifen-Ruili001The 31st Arab Laboratory Instrument Exhibition (ARABLAB 2017) was held at Dubai World Trade Center on March 20, 2017. ARABLAB is the most influential laboratory instrument and testing equipment exhibition in the Middle East. It is a professional trade platform for laboratory technology, biotechnology and life science, high-tech automation laboratory and data processing related industries.

After 2014, Beifen-Ruili once again brought new products WQF-530 Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, WFX-220B atomic absorption spectrophotometer, SP-3420A gas chromatograph, UV-2601 UV-visible spectrophotometer and other instruments to appear in the exhibition.

In this exhibition, as the oldest manufacturer of analytical instruments in China, Beifen-Ruili, with novel appearance design of new product series and excellent performance of classic product series, It has attracted agents and end-users from dozens of countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines and so on to stop and visit, exchange and negotiate. This exhibition, we also have the strong support of Pakistan agents. This is a feast of the industry, but also a harvest journey, all the exhibits in this exhibition were snapped up by the Middle East rich.

Under the guidance of the group’s internationalization strategy, the exhibition also received high attention from the leaders of Jingyi Group and Beifen-Ruili. Qin Haibo, deputy general manager of Jingyi Group, and Bai Xuelian, general manager of Beifen-Ruili attended the exhibition. Through exchanges with exhibitors, they have a detailed understanding of the Middle East laboratory instrument market hot spots and development trends; Meeting with the participating dealers in Beifen-Ruili, understanding the regional market conditions, and discussing how to give the maximum support to the local dealers according to the regional market demand; We are looking for the opportunity to promote the quality products of other companies of Jingyi overseas through the existing distributor network of Beifen-Ruili.

The first overseas Exhibition of Beifen-Ruili002

On the basis of quality assurance, Beifen-Ruili constantly innovates and creates a national brand of analytical instruments in China. Beifen-Ruili will actively and rationally face the market demand, in line with international standards, R & D and manufacture more quality products to serve users all over the world. Quality in wisdom, service in the heart, let the world love more Chinese instruments.

Post time: Mar-10-2023