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Beifen-Ruili’s debut at Analytica China 2018 stuns audience!

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Analytica China is one of Asia’s largest international exhibitions in the field of analytical and biochemical technology. It is a platform for leading industry enterprises to showcase new technologies, products, and solutions. This year’s exhibition was unprecedented in scale, with nearly 1,000 industry pioneers gathering to showcase cutting-edge technology, analyze hot topics, and lead the industry to new heights.

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Beifen-Ruili made its debut at the exhibition, competing alongside well-known foreign brands as one of the leading domestic high-end brands in the E3 Pavilion. Beifen-Ruili’s dedication to the analytical instrument industry over the past six decades has kept it at the forefront of the industry. The company adheres to the philosophy of excellence and service, and showcased its latest products and industry solutions at the exhibition.

Portable infrared spectrometer: Small, lightweight, plug-and-play, and reliable infrared spectroscopic analysis capabilities not only save much-needed lab space but also become a “handy” measuring tool that meets people’s infrared spectrometer needs in a broader range.

Liquid chromatograph: AZURA HPLC/UHPLC is a high-quality liquid chromatograph OEM-manufactured by Knauer, Germany for Beifen-Ruili Group. It has a flexible configuration, fully meets the needs of users’ experiments, complies with GLP/21CFR specification requirements, integrates instrument control and data processing, and chromatographic conditions are traceable. It is widely used in food safety, chemical analysis, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, environmental protection, biochemistry, and other fields.

The other displayed instruments have exquisite appearance and remarkable performance. Domestic and foreign customers and distributors stopped to consult more detailed information about the products with professional engineers, and customers who came to visit the products and negotiate business were continuous.

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During the exhibition, Beifen-Ruili was invited to participate in the “2018 Environmental Monitoring and Analysis Technology Seminar,” showcasing industry solutions and products, and targeting a more professional audience for promotion and direct communication.

Throughout the exhibition, numerous celebrities visited, and various high-end interviews were held. Many customers and distributors expressed their willingness to cooperate with us!

Post time: Mar-10-2023